creative direction, branding & production

sandra reichl works for projects and clients across brand identity & business transformation. as an independent creative director, designer and producer her work focuses on making strategy and concepts visible and to explore and evolve identity.

with over 10 years experience and after working for agencies, studios & clients in stockholm, berlin and new york, sandra is now based in vienna. hustling hard for her branding clients and as brand strategist and workshop lover for identitylab. always collaborating with WOW CREATIVES. she has worked for businesses of all scales, from start ups to global brands and has received numerous awards and recognition from Cannes, D&AD, ADCE, CCA among others. 

"my true belief is that any brand or product can look good, but that only the ones with clear vision, touching stories and an emotional brand experience will thrive and stand above the rest. a great core idea will lead to good design – no matter what media or channel – and will create true identity and identification. only honest connections with customers will last."

strategy, branding & art direction
- brand positioning + brand strategy
- creative direction + art direction for visual communication
- corporate identity + identity systems + brand guidelines
- editorial design + packaging design
- website design + user interface, user experience

creative production & set design
- production and art buying for visual projects
- set design for installations, editorials & visual communication
- retail design + exhibition design
- prop design and making

illustration, animation & moving images
- concept + story development
- direction + production for animation

for fellow creatives
- mentoring & consultancy on creative positioning
- consultancy on self-employment and business development
- consultancy on copyrights, cost estimate, time management etc

don't hesitate to contact me via mail or ask me out for a beer.

fields of work

Vienna / 20. März 2018 / "on branding"

upcoming speaking & workshops