kickstarting: what?watches' calendar watch

We (me and philipp) started to work with watch start up WHAT? WATCHES in autumn 2015. After helping them with their communication strategy and some branding for their first collection of watches, we continued working on the strategy for the second line of watches. The CALENDAR WATCH is now on kickstarter and will launch this year. 

We immediately fell in love with the concept of calendar watch, that combines traditional analog watch making with one simply digital function: it connects with your digital calendar and lets you wear your daily schedule on your wrist. Not only we fell in love with this simple beautiful approach to timekeeping, also teams from fastcompany and esquire seam to dig it. esquires headline - „This new smartwatch is perfect for people who hate smartwatches. Analog looks with just the right amount of digital functionality.„ - kind of sums it all up.

So fingers crossed that the guys from what?watch reach far beyond their funding goal and we are looking forward to more collaboration and branding awesomeness in the upcoming year.