redesigning childhood: illustrations for DREH&TRINK

Last year salon alpin was asked to help advertising agency hello with some illustrations. What we did not know back then: that it was for a brand all Austrians know and grew up with – DREH & TRINK. A super sweet, super desirable, super Austrian soda for kids. The one thing, your parents hardly ever would allow you to buy – at least that is how it was for me. With their unique bottle design the brand has been around for decades and I still feel the desire to grab one when I pass their shelves in stores.

Starting the project we were facing 9 different flavors that needed new "worlds" for their packaging. The agencies idea was to make the bottles the heroes and to accompany them with little fruity pals. After half a year 9 flavors were illustrated and our hard work got rewarded with a venus by the creative club Austria. Next step: animating those little friends of ours to breathe even more life into them.