better b good - branding for manly essentials

Last year I met up with a friend of mine who had the balls to start her own fashion label after she did a master in economics. Together with a partner she founded better b good: the goal was to only produce and sell organic and fair cloths. After three years of selling cloths for him and her, they figured, that the passion for the brand and the venture was gone. Mainly due to the fact, that the brand positioning was never really clear, the designs and cuts were all over the place and only the mission, to produce fair at a high quality and with amazing style, was vivid and clear.

So we set out to reposition the whole thing to bring back the love. Together we did some inner and outer research and during the process it quickly became clear, that good essentials for men was the real expertise of better b good as well as a good marke niche. Because where does a style aware men shop for good essentials, right?
The concept that evolved out of the brand position became the guideline for the new corporate identity and design. Established around the new custom made online shop, we executed with an amazing e-commerce expert, we started to work with real people instead of fashion models. It was pretty clear to the whole team that was working on this project, that the only and authentic way to present bbg's clothes was to work with real men. And with good photographers.

This is only the beginning, but the love is definitely back and better b good is ready to flood the world with good essentials, clean cuts, amazing materials, nicely produced, no chichi. more coming soon.