THE LIGHT BRIDGE - a company rethinking light straight out of Austria


New year, new clients: I am happy that this year kicked off quite great! Although I can't talk about the big image campaign I am working on right now (hope to be able to show something soon) I want to talk a little bit about a client of mine I got to know last year. The Light Bridge is a company that aims to rethink light. We are talking lighting in film and photography mainly.

Coming from hands-on set work of big movies ("White Ribbon" from Michael Haneke or "By the Sea" form Angelina Jolie) Gaffer Jakob Ballinger and DOP Christian Berger invented their first product line of reflectors last year. Starting as an insider tip in the film industry they made reflectors for big movies and names pretty quickly. Over the last year, we started to bring the brand on professional feed together (and we will continue to grow the brand in the future).

Together we rebranded the company and their reflectors, worked on things like bags, folders, stickers and the full-on homepage with e-commerce and everything will be online this spring. One of the greatest things though is the visual centerpiece we established together: a little room that can travel everywhere and can become showroom, lab or set. We used it for a short film, the title of the folder, on the website and for the explanation videos, the guys shoot to show their products in use. Out of a simple idea, this room helped to establish a visual world, to tell the brands story and be efficient at the same time. 

Jakob is on his way to LA to join the Oscars and meet some kick-ass film people right now and I will make a proper case study out of this one once everything is produced, on the line and ready to show off, but for now, enjoy some pics we have so far (header pic shot by belle&sass).