x x x looking for WOW CREATIVES x x x


Since I am working on a hand full of projects where I can't show anything before it is done I wanted to dedicate this feed to something completely different: the WOW CREATIVES.

This little group of people consists of creatives I have worked with, and continue to work with. Most of them are self-employed freelancers or little studios that produce great stuff in their fields of work and beyond. I continue to believe that the best projects come out of collaborations, where each individual has a specific passion and field where he or she is super good at. Combining those people equals magic - no matter if it is a client project, we get hired by an agency or produce our own side projects. 

I want to grow this group and that is why I am shouting out to all those WOW CREATIVES that are not on this list yet! send me your portfolio, let us collaborate and let's get shit done together!