this one is a short one: I moved into a new office space! after a couple of month of working from home (after our daughter was born in August), I figured it is time for a new space to divide private life and work life again. So a couple of friends (also fellow creatives) moved into a nice space above a printer in the 5th district in Vienna. Including the amazing photographer duo belle&sass, the talented director of visual amazingness, miss Daniela Leitner, commercial film director Lawrence Blankenbyl and myself. We have a huge studio to build and shoot stuff in (and our little rooms with individual desks). We call our baby REFLEKTOR and as soon as the space is ready and finished, we will rent out the studio room to photographers, workshop lovers and other people who need an open space to work and have fun. The most amazing stuff about the move is that the five of us already started to collaborate on some nice stuff and the new clients are getting attracted through that! For me personally, it is the perfect space to do more hands-on, tactile art direction and branding, more photo shoots and set designs for artists and clients. so soon more to come and beers to have! in the meantime a crappy pic and a name. 

Sandra Reichl