Reflektor: studio space for rent

Mietstudio Reflektor -3.jpg

In December last year, I moved into a new, amazing office space in the middle of Vienna (the fifth district). Together with 4 other creatives, I am sharing an 80m2 office. The amazing part about "Reflektor" is the fact, that we have a huge studio room and two small rooms with our desks.  

The studio room (about 4 by 10 meters) is used as photo studio (with backdrops and all the shizzle), a workshop (to build crazy set designs and paper sculptures) and as a meeting/workshop room where we can host a group of 8-10 easily.

Since we know that every creative every once in a while needs a huge space but does not want to rent it constantly, we have decided to rent out the studio for other creatives as well.
We are working on a website for it right now but feel free to scroll through the pictures and find the very nice rates below.

So to all you creative photographers, directors, filmmakers, illustrators, designers, builders and makers out there: feel free to contact me and rent our space!


Ziegelofengasse 29, 1050 Vienna


per hour 29,-
3 h - 79,-
5 h - 129,-
1 Day (12h) 299,-

overtime 35,- / hour


Sandra Reichl