wow font

In 2016 I had a great intern for about 6 months. Tamara Pilz is a talented soon-to-be-typographer. We share the love for good typography and well-made fonts. So we set out to create one of our own: the WOW FONT. Created and designed for personal branding as well as the WOW CREATIVES series and projects to come. We are not 100% there yet but hopefully, we will develop it further into something we can then share. 




one year of music

12 months since I started a little personal project for me and my dear friend Valerie. We have been friends forever but due to the fact that we have been living in different countries for almost 8 years our shared passion MUSIC, wasn't a big topic anymore. Which it always has been, when we were living in the same city. We definitely connected over music and since I wanted to bring that connection back, I set out to create one playlist a month (+ one cover + one newsletter) for Valerie to bring back the fire. To share some good music and some love.




Viennas biggest costume house, for theatre and film costumes, closed its doors in june 2013. The last thing they did was to sell all their 50,000 costumes to the public. Together with the photographer Klaus Vyhnalek, Nina Havlicek and me documented this big event. Capturing humans and their favorite costumes and the stories behind what costume "found" what character. We shot over 70 people during one month.