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RDT textures short for „Real-Displacement-Textures" started with Christoph Schindelar’s need to have highend-scanned-surfaces for his computer graphics and commercial projects. 

He was not able to find them, so he started to create his own.
After two years of scanning and selling theses beautiful textures to clients around the globe it was time for a rebranding.

So after 6 months of hard work together with huangart, we launched a new online shop with a whole new branding and visual world.

All available on www.rd-textures.com, the more than 120 RDT-textures are produced by using highly detailed 3d-scans to get accurate color and depth informations from a real location. With these textures any concept artist, game designer, art director or animator can reconstruct the original surface incl. the geometry with a minimum of resources and a maximum of speed and flexibility.

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