woman - image campaign

As the largest Austrian women's lifestyle magazine and brand, WOMAN uses the slogan #könnenwir (translates #wecan) to get a clear message: It's time for a new female self-image. Away from the weaker sex, to an attitude that is characterised by strength. An attitude that should not only be reflected in the editorial approach of the zine, but also in it’s advertising campaign.

At the beginning of 2018, WOMAN commissioned me to come up with a new, and above all contemporary interpretation of this attitude and their hashtag, they have been using since 2016. Together with Tobias Federsel, a great conceptionist and copywriter, we set out to create a campaign that focuses on one thing: relevance. Clichés around women should not be encouraged, but debunked in 2018. The campaign should not please everyone, but keep everyone busy and thinking. Still light hearted to become a perfect fit for a lifestyle magazine.

Together with film production Muellers Bureau, the talented director Aksel Stasny, and photographer Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek, tv commercials and a print series were shot to kicked off the campaign that will grow over the next years. Also part of the new brand appearance was the redesign of the in-magazine-ads and a new radio line was created.

The biggest joy for me in this campaign, was the great collaboration with all talented creatives (full credits list below), the trust from the client and the courage to follow us in a rather radical suggestion to rethink their visual appearance completely and go all black and white. (Below with some colourful making of pics in between)


copy translation: 'to be happy with others #wecan'


copy translation: 'tolerate criticism #wecan'


copy translation: 'social without media #wecan'


Client: WOMAN
Managing Director: Siglinde Purrer
Marketing Director: Anja Staszewski

Concept, Creative Direction, Copy & Design:
Sandra Reichl und Tobias Federsel

Photographer: Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek
Assistent: Mafalda Rakoš

Production Company: Muellers Bureau Filmproduktion
Director/DoP: Aksel Stasny
1st AD: Alban Bekic
1st AC: Burger
2nd AC: Rupert Kaspar
Video Operator: Torsten Hoppe
Gaffer: Bernhard Somera
Best Boy: Joachim Nauen
Volunteer: Simon Vald
Art Director: Vesna Muhr
Styling: Pigeon Disco
Styling Assistant: Josef Hála
Makeup: Chrissi Akbaba
Makeup Assistant: Anita Maria Springer
Exec. Producer: Claudia Hofmeister
Line Producer: Ulli Sulzenbacher
Unit Manager: Benedikt Pitzlberger
PA: Laurenz Freudenschuss
PA: Verena Sebestik
Catering: Luca Kino Catering
Cutter: Mateusz Najder
Grading: Lee Niederkofle

Casting Director: Stephanie Kern - Castingvienna