Okay, it took me a little longer than 4 weeks to write my first feed after a little break. I took August off, to welcome our daughter into our lives. Now it is time to get back to work even harder and produce even more amazing stuff!

First off, I updated my about site with some new speaking and workshop dates. Happy to be speaking at Ladies, Wine and DesignFH Salzburg and Designforum the next upcoming months. The topics are mainly going to be about positioning, identity and branding for both - creatives and brands - which I totally dig :) 

With that, I also started to officially include consultancy/coaching for creatives to my fields of work. I kind of hate those two words, but for a lack of better words, I will call it that. For years I have been doing positioning sessions for creatives (secretly and for a small group).
But I more and more saw and see the need for self-employed photographers, designers, illustrators and all sorts of creatives to help them with positioning and their identity within a saturated field. I also share my knowledge about things like copyrights, how to manage your time, how to write a proper cost estimate or what to do to promote yourself, because I think most educational institutions don't teach that and the mentoring in studios and agencies is lacking quite a bit. It is still fresh and I will write about it more, but if you feel like you need some support drop me a line:

I have to admit I wasn't completely inactive for the last weeks. Daniela Leitner and me are trying hard, to get our huge papercraft artwork ready for November. So pictures and the brand name are going to be revealed soon. I also continued to help with the new GEA and WALDVIERTLER website that launches the next couple of days! 

One of the most exciting things I am working on right now is the positioning and branding for an innovation made in Austria - The Light Bridge is a company that aims to rethink the light in film and photography. With their product CRLS - A Reflector System - amazing Jakob Ballinger (a great light expert) and Christian Berger (a dope DOP), invented something stunning for their community. Both worked with Filmmakers like Michael Haneke and on sets like "By the sea" with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Some pics coming soon.

So much for now! Many more things to come in the following months.
Happy autumn!


Sandra Reichl