FEED FRIDAY 50! 50 weeks of writing and what it did to/for me.

I never considered myself much of a writer. I am dyslexic and one year ago every article I wrote felt like giving birth to something. Now, nearly one year into one FEED FRIDAY post every week, I want to do a little reflection on the fact, that I started to write about my process, insights, my life as a designer and everything that pretty much crosses my mind.

I started because I figured, after not having a proper portfolio for more than 10 years, people did not really know nor understand, what I was doing on a daily basis. I still don't have a proper portfolio and it is the hardest of all for me. I always get the feeling that all portfolios look alike. I hate things that are too polished and the fact that people kind of hide behind beautiful pictures. At the same time, I am lazy and admire everybody who is able to do a nice case study for a project. So it has given me a hard time all those years and I thought I would rather let the people into my head and my thought process then constantly be dissatisfied with my case studies.

So I started to do weekly recaps of things I had done, people I have collaborated with and topics that interest me or surround you when you work in the creative industries. I just had one rule: a post for a feed Friday has to be written in 20-25minutes und completed (with pictures and all) in less than an hour. to not overcomplicate things and to not let my perfectionist come through and destroy everything with criticism. and so it has been like that ever since.

funny things started to happen after about 8 weeks of writing. people I had not seen for years started to contact me, or talk to me on events, out of the blue. my written content seemed to be an ice breaker for people and they knew what the could talk to me about. I was amazed that people read the feed to begin with. since it was more a reflection for myself and an added benefit that people could look into things. even people I had not seen for over 15 years contacted me for jobs and collaborations.

looking at those articles I still feel like it is a hot mess and who would bother to read it, but it has become a therapeutic habit and it is very nice to look back and see what I have achieved and experienced in only one year. It has something calming to look back, beeing a person, who constantly has the feeling that I should do more, create more, grow and evolve more. 

Also writing these short posts has helped me, to become way quicker and more articulate when I am presenting things. Even writing emails or pitching ideas out of the blue  - I feel more secure and comfortable. So I can only recommend to try it. Publicly or privately.

Last but not least I want to take the chance to ask you guys what you want to read more about!?
I would appreciate a short mail, comment, picture, foto or whatever.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned!