bringing those textures to life: RD-TEXTURES online soon!

I met christoph schindelar through a commercial job we did together. Though we are completely different in character we instantly connected. So we set out to work together on christoph's company RD-TEXTURES. A company that specializes in scanning real displacement textures and bringing it into the 3d world. Christoph and his team even invented their own scanning technic and now people from all over the world a using those textures. For visualizations, animations and computer games. The biggest animations studios (i am not allowed to name - but we all know them) work with his textures. So does NASA, car companies, and big gaming studios. Together we created a new corporate design and an amazing online shop that got developed in collaboration with the guys from huangart.

All of it will launch soon!
So this is a little teaser with some look and feels. 
Start thinking about your next 3d visualization now!