Ideas captured in one frame

It has been a while again since I last wrote a feed friday. But today I want to write about a passion of mine: photo art direction. I am talking about a rather specific and personal approach towards this topic: HOW CAN I CAPTURE AND TRANSPORT AN IDEA OR FEELING IN ONE FRAME ONLY.

It seams so simple but is so hard to nail. I am not only talking about beautified still life photography but rather and identity of a product that got boiled down to one single visual. I guess it comes from my history in advertising, the love for branding and the passion for hands on work with different materials. To elaborate my point I collected a selections of projects where that approach got applied.


1 – AMONGST GIANTS - Identity for a music project

This is a project for music genius Matthias Hacksteiner and his Project amongst giants.
In his latest work MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING he tells a story about the possibilities between electronic synth sounds and acoustic instruments, popular music and avant-garde, technological precision and the beauty of human imperfection, urban lifestyle and experiencing nature. All of the concept inspired me to come up with a concept where we merge music and nature with an urban touch.


2 – DR. KITZINGER - Product-benefits captured

Dr. Kitzinger’s Products have their origin in medicine but apply to different beauty and skin products. Every product has a specific benefit that gets backed up with research, data and medical insights. To make all of that know-how tangible for clients photography duo belle & sass and I set out to shoot different ideas for different products with the actual products set into action - in a rather graphical way.


3 – NARDUCCI - An EP series with different narratives

L.A. based musician and producer Matthew Silberman started an EP project where he will release one EP a year. Every EP has a different story and background but they will all be tied together through a visual system. The first EP was all about rebirth, mystery and hope.