So this is huge for me: today I am announcing something I have been secretly working on for a year now: a magazine called IT’S A PASSION THING. Together with a little team of photographers, writers and designers this is a dream come true and it will be printed and out in July.

IT’S A PASSION THING describes it all – It is a passion project for myself but also is it the topic for this biannual journal: a magazine and space that celebrates aptitude and passion in creating and making ideas become reality. A journal about passionate making and the creation of a style of life.

We, as a team, want to present stories about people who make their ideas into tangible, long-lasting reality – people that make things happen. We present behind-the-scenes moments and honest interviews, printed on paper. We want to show passion in all its weird and different forms and outcomes. And we want to highlight ways of doing things a little differently.  Born out of the simple believe, that we are defined by what we do on a daily basis, and that if you act with passion, things come out differently.

For how long I can think, I have been searching for true passion – whatever that is. It has always been a great interest of mine to understand other peoples passions and ways to achieve and build a happy life also defined by what they are doing.

I am super proud of the outcome and I hope that our stories and interviews will inspire other people as well. Here is the first look on the magazine, it’s contents and how it feels in general.

We will be back with more information, that also will be published on the IT’S A PASSION THING website. Sign up for the newsletter and stay tuned!