mid year update 2017

Once again I am in the middle of a lot of projects where I can't share anything. So I once more combined a little sneak peek of the things I am currently woking on. 

  • Daniela Leitner and I are still huzzling hard to build a Viennese landmark out of paper.
    This baby will see the light of day in November this year.
  • I am working with mark&león on their online shop that will soon launch.
    In the meantime browse the lovely cashmere stuff on the old site to know what to buy when they sell online.
  • I started working with the amazing crew from CRLS a newly invented reflecting system for film and TV - the new Corporate Identity and probably a whole new website will be online by the end of the year.
  • Amazing Heini Staudinger is changing things up at GEA and Waldviertler - so the team brought me on board to help them with some branding issues. 
  • neunweine are getting a set of new tv allonges
  • and I am very happy to work on something food related with the amazing dvorak trifft schwab.

so lots of exciting animation and branding stuff happening before I take August off.
After 2,5 years of working without any bigger breaks, it is time to rest my brain for a little while.
A lot of interesting projects are already lined up starting in September. Including the mazing ZWUPP guys and fifth music. So two more (hopefully not so mystyriouse) feed Fridays to come in July. have a great summer!