forgotten designs: things i created a while a go

I tend to forget, that I have been working in the creative industries for about 18 years now! no, I am not 40 something - I started to freelance next to school when I was 15, and only worked mainly on saturdays (I hope the agency does not get in trouble with me making this public :). also whilst studying, I kept on working between 20-30 hours a month for agencies. I tend to not think about it, but then there are days, where I realize that this time (plus all my employed and self-employed years) adds up to a lot of projects that I really love. projects I often don't mention because they seem long gone. I really then enjoy the moment, when people find out about my projects and the role I played in executing them.

so I decided it is time to reveal those projects every once in a while. this time up: the re design of the famous AUSTRIA A! I was the lead designer in 2008 when, after 30 years, the whole brand around advantage austria got redesigned by himmer, buchheim und partner. we went through a hell of a pitch against established branding agencies and won after the agency doors only had opened a couple of months before. I still love the whole project and think it comes across as rather fresh, although its 10th birthday is coming up next year!

Something that also warmed my heart, was the fact that in 2014 advantage austria set out to present austrian design at Milan’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile, one of the most important furniture show in the world and created a stunning visual world and exhibition around the AUSTRIA A design.

pictures © vasku&klug